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Blog migration imminent

Though hopefully one that will be invisible to you, dear readers.

Blogger is discontinuing FTP support, which displeases me but since we FTP users are apparently in the stark minority of Blogger users, I guess I'm outnumbered on this one. Anyways, there's a supposedly foolproof migration tool available and I finally have a pocket of time tonight to try this out --- so here goes.

If all goes well, after this post my blog will appear at http://blog.toomanythoughts.org (instead of http://www.toomanythoughts.org/blog/index.html).

See you on the other side.



Taiwan calling

I've finally gotten confirmation of next week's press trip to Taiwan, which is not for Lonely Planet but a Singapore publication. Hey, all-expenses-paid travel --- I ain't complainin'.

I'll be in:
  • Taipei (but only in a cursory fashion, I suspect)
  • Green Island (绿岛 or Ludao)
  • Beitou (北投)
  • Penghu (澎湖, another island), and
  • Jinmen (金门, or the island formerly known as Quemoy)
Judging from the itinerary, the main objective of this trip seems to be overwhelm us with the delightfulness of Taiwan's hot springs (温泉) and islands. I'm particularly keen to see Jinmen, which is only 2 km off the coast of mainland China --- after seeing the DMZ in Korea last year, I find disputed border areas quite compelling, even if I'm there just as a layperson observer.

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This is a very disjointed post

The blog's been silent because I started writing something a few days ago, based on something that happened on Saturday, but the vignette just won't come out right. After whacking intermittently at it for the past few nights, I'm now resigned that it might sit in my drafts folder forever.

Meanwhile, my birthday came and went, I had to write furiously on the days before and after to meet certain deadlines, and how can it be April already?

Actually, I feel like scratching April off because most of the month will be filled up by a work trip, followed by the usual post-trip writing frenzy. I've started to say to friends, "Yeah, let's catch up in May ..."

If you really want to hear me blather on about work, then you should go read this little interview with me over at Nanzinc.Com. Thank you, Melanie! It was a nice post-birthday surprise.

Someday, when I am interviewed, I will say something as intelligent as this:

(There's also a transcript available at Boing Boing.)