Blog migration imminent

Though hopefully one that will be invisible to you, dear readers.

Blogger is discontinuing FTP support, which displeases me but since we FTP users are apparently in the stark minority of Blogger users, I guess I'm outnumbered on this one. Anyways, there's a supposedly foolproof migration tool available and I finally have a pocket of time tonight to try this out --- so here goes.

If all goes well, after this post my blog will appear at http://blog.toomanythoughts.org (instead of http://www.toomanythoughts.org/blog/index.html).

See you on the other side.



Long overdue

I've been meaning to overhaul the design of my website for some time and finally --- with a lot of patience from Daniel and my brother --- I have.

It's now in sync with the design of my business cards (also by Daniel). It's also a very happy yellow.



Why I like A Small Orange

(Besides their cool name, that is.)

Because within 3 hours of me emailing them on Saturday morning Singapore time/Boxing Day night American time, they had upgraded my hosting package status exactly as I requested (pro-rating the bigger package for the remaining month till I renew the annual subscription for this site), so that I can publish my blog without errors again.

I had to upgrade my package because this domain has somehow hit its disk quota of 75 MB, even though I barely store any large image files on it. The next size up is 400 MB; I think that'll hold me for a while.

Yay for A Small Orange (and Lucian, who introduced me to it)!

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Holy crap, that was fast

So migrating to a new server didn't take as long as I thought it would, and I didn't even have to activate my brother (whom I'd put on standby, in case I flubbed something up and needed a rescuer). Even propagating the DNS change took next to no time.

Compare this to a colossal more-than-one-hour struggle this morning with Priceline Singapore to book an air ticket. I kept getting error messages from their server at various points of the search or purchase processes, which exacerbated the usual nervousness I get when I'm about to place an online order for anything that costs more than a DVD box set.

Anyway, I got my air ticket and my website seems to be intact at the new server. Now I still have the rest of the afternoon before me. Whee!


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Server migration imminent

This website is all grown up and ready to move on to its own server space (as opposed to mooching off my friend's server, which is what it's been doing for something like seven years), so I'm going to be doing a little content migration this afternoon.

No action is needed on your part, except to not panic if toomanythoughts.org is unreachable for a few hours. Just be patient till the new DNS changes are propagated internet-wide.


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Making labels

Other than catching (up with) Stellou twice for brunch, the weekend has been filled mostly with the implementation of the massive project of assigning labels to all my old blog posts. It's very much going to be a work-in-progress for the next couple of weeks (at least!), because working backwards, I've only completed up to July 2006 so far.

Also, I haven't yet executed a massive republish command that will update the right-hand navigation for all extant webpages, so don't consider the contents of any particular label to be comprehensive.

Which reminds me that I wish I could rename "labels" to the more intuitive "categories" that Wordpress uses, but Blogger won't let me do that with an non-Blogspot site. Poo!


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To see if SFTP is working.

Edited to add (7:15 pm): It was, and now the DNS change has caught up too. All clear.




Boring website-related announcement

I'm doing some technical updates, which includes updating the DNS for this site. See you on the other side.




New splash page

Now that I use some of this web space for work, I thought it was time to retire the massively outdated domain homepage and put up something simple that wouldn't immediately send any potential clients reaching for the Close-Window function on their web browsers.

And why design it myself when I could get my friend Daniel to do it for me?

If all you're interested in is my blog, there's no real reason for you to need to refer to the domain homepage. Nothing about this domain's architecture has changed and this blog is still right here.

But go see the new splash page anyway.




Off to see the wizard

I'll be away for a bit, leaving behind half a dozen incomplete blog posts in disarray and Xmas decor not yet put up (or, in the case of an Xmas tree, not yet purchased, although this will be our sixth Xmas in this apartment).

On the flip side, the iBook and iPod are making their first overseas trip!

Is it a bad sign that I've packed my wheelie almost to the brim for a six-day trip --- but I haven't yet squeezed in my toiletries?

Internet access may be dicey where I'll be, so mayhaps this blog will only be updated on 1 Dec. Be nice to Terz and feed him while I'm gone, eh?


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Because black text on a white background is the easiest on the eye.

Thank you, Francey!
(And Adri, too, who first used one of her blog designs.)





Comment verification has been enabled for this blog. Have fun typing in the gibberish words.

That's one thing off I can scratch off my Blogger wishlist. If you're a Blogger user, have you submitted the user survey yet?

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